Nelson Tavares da Silva

Academic Lecturer, Researcher and Consultant

Nelson Silva is an invited Assistant Professor in the faculty of Economics at the University of Algarve. He holds a PhD in Quantitative Methods Applied to Economics and Management, specialised in Statistics, and an MSc in Business Management, both from the University of Algarve. His current research interests include management, strategy, marketing, organizational behaviour and the application of advanced statistic methods in various areas highlighting firm and country performances, management and decision support. He has published part of his scientific research on conference proceedings and international journals. He as also supervised MsC and PhD thesis on management, marketing and related areas.

In the private sector, Nelson Silva has had various management related roles, and as a liberal professional he develops consulting and professional training in companies, business associations and other entities in the areas of management, organization and methods, and in the application of data analysis methods.


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Lecturing and Research

  • Management
  • Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Quantitative Methods


Consulting & Professional Training

  • Management and Strategy
  • Performance Analysis and Improvement
  • Organizational Improvement
  • Data Analysis

Areas of Interest

Lecturing and Thesis Supervision


My main teaching and thesis supervision areas are related to management, strategy, marketing, organizational behaviour, and quantitative methods.



Research and Publications


I am available for colaboration on research conducing to publication on Scopus or Web of Science indexed journals and also for book chapter elaboration, on areas compatible with my academic profile.



About me

I am currently an invited lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Economics on the University of Algarve and also a consultant in the private sector. My main research is in Business Economics, Business Administration, and Quantitative Methods. Nonetheless, I welcome interdisciplinarity. I have published some of my research on international journals and have supervised various MsC and PhD thesis on management, marketing and related areas.


My most relevant academic education is:

  • Ph.d - Quantitative Methods Applied to Economics and Management | University of Algarve;
  • M.Sc. - Business Management | University of Algarve;
  • Licentiate Degree - Biotechnological Engineering | University of Algarve.

My most relevant complementary training is:

  • Advanced Data Analysis, Statistical Data Processing, Advanced SPSS and Programming with R;
  • Planning and Management with Microsoft Project;
  • Time Management and Work Organization;
  • Finance and Management Control;
  • Quality Management Systems;
  • Professional Training, Definition and Structuring of Training Objectives, Training Management, Pedagogical Games in Training and Training Evaluation;
  • Communication Skills and Interpersonal Relationships, Sales and Customer Communication;
  • Postgraduate Intensive English Course Program;
  • Professional Ethics and Deontology.



Faro, Algarve, Portugal